September 07, 2003--11:21 a.m.
I just needed to point out how much I fucking hate Mac's. I fucking hate them. You want to know why? For one I am a PC man and, my fucking god, so is most of the world. Lets use numbers, 20% are Mac and 80% are PC. With this in mind it would be safe to say that most of the world is made with PC in mind. I love PC, PC's can be hard, PC's have hard tool kind of things I can work with. Shit not working? Hell, I can fix that. Mostly I can fix it because it has something to do with a PC and the thing giving the problem is a PC. I am on a Mac and am trying to work with a PC. There are so many god damn things I can't do right now becuase I am on a Mac and not on a PC. I could be on a PC four years out of date and it would do more, work better than this Mac I'm on that I believe is not that out of date. It's not that I'm on an old machine here it's just that I'm on a Mac and the computers I talk to are not Mac's. I can't even get in this things guts and play with it because it is not mine. I can't really say all that much seeing as with it I get to get on line but this is not were I want to be, this is not letting me do the most simple of fucking things just because it is a Mac. I feel so limeted on this thing. But wait, if I can get online with this thing but not do what I want to do than how is it a help?

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